2008 Shot Show

Are you tired of waiting until the March/April editions of your favorite gun rag to find out what cool widgets were unveiled at the latest Shot Show?  You won’t have to this year.  I’ll be there, in person, blogging the event like a champion.  I’ll be there all day on Saturday and Sunday, and then if I can squeeze out of work early on Monday I’ll try to get some additional coverage then.

Honestly, I’m really excited about this.  I’ve always wanted to attend one of these, and the opportunity to actually be there for is making me a little giddy.  I will endeavor to  cover as much of the show as I can, from revolvers to black rifles; but I’ve also looked at the floor plan and there is so much there that I couldn’t possibly make it to every booth in the 2 full days that I’ll have.

Look for exclusive blog coverage of the 2008 Shot Show here, starting on February 2nd!


  1. Wear very, very, very comfortable shoes. Consider bringing a backpack of some sort if you’re going to pick up materials. Make a priority list and stick with it as much as possible because you can’t possibly spend all the time you want there.

    That said, have fun. It’s a blast, though now you’ll be disappointed with the NRA exhibit hall. 😛

  2. If you’ve never done SHOT, you will be just amazed. Honestly, you will just flat stand there and stare around you in slack-jawed stupefecation like an Ethiopian in a supermarket.


    Bring a backpack or shoulder-slung bag for schlepping literature (Seriously. You will wind up with 25#+ of brochures and tchotchkes.)



    Heh. I totally typed this and then looked up and saw what Bitter wrote. You can consider that a hint. 😀

  3. At least this means he’ll remember the shoes and backpack, Tam. 🙂

    Although I feel like I deserve a shirt for surviving SHOT ’06 in 3″ heels.

  4. Comfy shoes and shoulder bag, check. Also, thanks for helping make the decision as to whether or not I should lug my 300lbs laptop around that much easier.

  5. Although I feel like I deserve a shirt for surviving SHOT ‘06 in 3″ heels.

    A shirt? You deserve a medal.

    My last was SHOT ’03, and even though it was a couple years after my wreck and I wore Timberlands and cushy socks, it nearly killed me.

  6. I think a good pair of running shoes might be the order of the day for me at SHOT ’08 then. I’ll be stylish in my Nikes.

  7. SHOT is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Be warned that if you don’t have press credentials they’ll hassle you about taking pictures.

  8. Second what TD said about the pictures. It can be done, but be discreet. In other words, don’t hang your camera around your neck or anything. 🙂

    Also, believe me, few people are stylin’ at SHOT. Have you looked at our industry lately? I mean the guys behind the booths at the gun shows are pretty much the ones you see there.

  9. Press credentials: Who says your not the press? You publish everyday. Make a badge for yourself.

    Wear big shoes and a comfortable backpack, be different.

  10. I’ll be there, as well. Third SHOT for me.

    Running shoes or equivalent. Comfortable clothes.

    And, even better than a backpack for literature and goodies, one of those rolling milk crate things with a handle. I think you can rent/buy them at the show, but I’ve not seen where. Two years ago I used a backpack, but my shoulder still hurts. Last year I brought my own rolling milk crate. Lots of folks use them.

    I’d say don’t bother about trying to carry or use your computer at the show. Too much to haul around, not enough time to really do much. Grab all sorts of stuff (and pictures if you can) then blog when you get back to hotel/home at the end of the day.

    Maybe see you there…

  11. In ’04, one of the big vendors was giving away those rolling crates. Only to dealer types, no distributor/import/export level people(they check your badge). Might be a regular thing, but don’t count on it. Take a regular size rolling suitcase for the giveaway stuff. Remember to empty it every night! Works well for bringing your own snacks and drinks, saves time from running back and forth to the food concessions. They check your stuff on the way out of the halls, might check going in, too, can’t remember. You won’t be the only one dragging a bag behind you! Forget carrying a bag, not practical for the huge amount of stuff you can accumulate in a day there. 🙂
    You can buy some of the display items(they’d rather not have to cart/ship it back). Some of the stuff can be bought, or held in your name, during the show, but you can’t pick it up until the end of the show. Some good deals can be had.

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