Only the police should have automatic weapons

Because they’re so good at keeping track of them.

Wayne police are trying to find a submachine gun that’s been missing for at least a week.

The department noticed the MP5 weapon missing during an inventory of the arsenal.

I don’t normally pick squares with cops, but these are the people that the Brady Bunch and more specifically, the law in New Jersey, would have believe are the only one’s competent enough to own automatic weapons.  Guys that lose automatic weapons out of inventory.


  1. And its not like H&K Full-auto arms are exactly cheap. I have NO idea what the going rate for a non-transferable Full-auto is these days from H&K, but I suspect its on par with a budget car. If you drove a 86 VW Fox, and you woak up and found it missing from your driveway, would you just go on with your life? Or if you lent it to a friend who promiced to bring it back that evening and he skipped town what would you do?

    This is a HUGE deal….not to mention where exactly this MP-5 is…I hope not in the hands of a Mexican Drug cartel….

  2. If it’s not in the public’s hands, then it must be in an officer’s hands. That means they have a crook in their midsts which is as big a problem fro the Wayne PD. And why, exactly, does the Wayne PD need a machine gun for? Certainly not for everyday patrolling. Wayne is a sprawling suburban town with no real center. A weapon like this had to be special issue in emergency only situations.

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