NFL Conference Championship

Wow, I had a rough week with my picks last week.  Who would have though that the Colts’ defense would just give that one away to the Chargers like that.  I will admit that my pick of the Seahawks was based on regional optimism, so I wasn’t too surprised when the Pack took them down.  I correctly picked the Pats to win; but then Eli Manning had to go and be the better Manning brother, which was FANTASTIC.  Honestly, seeing the Cowboys lose almost made up for the Colts loss; cry, Tony Romo, cry.

Anyway, on to the picks.

AFC Championship

The matchup no one thought they’d see, Chargers-Patriots.  So, here’s what happens.  The Chargers’ luck runs out, and the Patriots stomp them into red paste.  Honestly, I don’t think that this one will be close.  Pats win by like 30 or something.

On a side note, the general consensus amongst all my “bleed Colts blue” friends is that they hate the Patriots so much that they want the Chargers to beat them, and then lose the Super Bowl to whomever.

NFC Championship

I would like to point out, that I have picked against the Giants in every single one of their playoff games, despite the fact that I like Eli Manning and that Giants RBs carried all three of my fantasy teams this season; I keep expecting them to implode.  But I actually want them to win, so I’m going to pick the Packers.  The weather in Green Bay is supposed to be cold and windy this Sunday, and while the cold won’t hurt Eli that much, he pretty much sucks in the wind.  So I’m picking Green Bay and Brett Favre to return to the Super Bowl (where the Patriots will stomp them) by beating the New York Football Giants 30-14.

Since I’ve been consistently wrong this season, don’t be surprised when we have a San Diego vs. New York Super Bowl.

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