On an unrelated note

When did I become a Tacticool Teddy?  Lately, all I’ve been talking about is Five-seveNs, PS-90s, KRISS SMGs – next thing you know I’ll be on AR15.com trying to build a custom left handed AR.

Do they make antibiotics for this?  Can I get a shot that controls my new found desire for guns made of plastic?


  1. You could get one of those Beretta CX4 Storms. They are supposed be reversible for left-handed shooters.

  2. if you do find a way to get the 5.7 in something other than a FN gun… please let me know… the only reason i dont have one is that i have a hard time spending that much on a pistol that uses ammo that isnt available at walmart

  3. A good dose of 1911 or BHP administered at a shooting range should fix you right up. And for a booster shot, try a Ruger No1 in 45-70, just shoot until your shoulder hurts, that’s how you know you’ve had enough!

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