Quadruple homicide in Indy

You guys might have heard about the recent quadruple murder in Indianapolis, on the 3200 Block of Hovey St.  I don’t have a whole lot to say, because while I have sympathy for the families that lost loved ones, and I feel a deep sense of sadness over the two innocent children that were murdered, I also read the entire article.

Inside, officers found a safe, about a pound of suspected marijuana, an electronic scale, ammunition and three long guns, according to a police report.

That’s inside the house where the victims resided.  Tam  does a fantastic job of summing up exactly how I feel about this whole thing:

The tragic victims here would be the two innocent babies, whose mothers apparently felt that an environment of petty crime and thuggish men was a swell place to bring up children. Would it be hopelessly cynical of me to suggest that a child brought up in that environment would have the odds stacked against their being the high school valedictorian and eventual pillar of the community?

I say we blame the guns. Or maybe poverty. Not the state that pays people to live in a human zoo and rewards apathy and hopelessness with monthly checks in the mailbox.

No, lets be blunt here: If you advocate the perpetual welfare state and its accompanying perpetual war on some drugs, and vote for candidates who support them, then you might want to use cold water when washing your hands this morning. It gets the stains out better.

I could not have said it any better.  I do hope that the scumbags responsible for this are brought to swift justice, but more than that I hope that people stop looking for external causes to blame when violent crime hits home.

But yeah, it would be a lot easier to just “blame the guns”.

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  1. When I tanked up for the return trip to K-town on my last visit, it was either at 38th & Keystone or 34th & Keystone. Whichever intersection has the Marathon. Anyway, close to that area.

    Reminds me of Atlanta… Right across Ponce de Leon Avenue from tony Virginia Highlands is Reynoldstown and Ormwood. Places you didn’t want to be lost at night ten years ago.

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