More on Georgia Carry bills

It seems that HB 89, the NRA backed bill, has undergone significant changes by a Georgia Senate committee.  According to the article I found at Arms and the Law, they changed the bill so that it only applies to people with CCW permits in Georgia, but they did add a provision which allows CCW holders to carry in state parks.

Unfortunately, it appears that HB 915 (the other CCW bill) is a dead in the water right now, and HB 89 has been reduced to the status of “moral victory” for the NRA and Georgia.  It’s one of those situations where sure, a little change is better than none, but it doesn’t do nearly enough to fix the serious problems that Georgia has with their carry laws.


  1. In fact, HB 915 is not dead in the water, as you put it. It is very much alive and moving forward. The “state park” bill you refer too is in fact called SB 339 and to my knowledge not attached to HB 89 in any fashion. They gutted HB 89 day, mostly because Gov. Purdue would not support it, because it violated property rights.HB 89 will only apply to GFL holders to keep guns in their cars.

  2. My source did indicate that HB 89 had been amended to include the state park carry provision, for what it’s worth.

  3. I doubled checked and you are right. It does, as well as SB 339 the Senate bill to allow the same thing. . The NRA has also utilized parts of HB 915. Huh, interesting.

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