Mitt Romney wins Michigan

It appears that Mitt has drubbed pretty much the entire field in the Michigan primary.   Time for some scintillating political commentary on my part; but you guys probably already know what I’m going to say.

The only universe in which I’d vote for Mitt was one where it had come down to him and Rudy; and since that doesn’t appear to be the case, I really don’t want to be stuck with him.

The thing is, I can’t get too excited or depressed about any of these early primaries; like I’ve said in almost every single one of these posts, the real front runner isn’t going to be determined until Super Tuesday on February 5th.  Sure, these early wins can build momentum for Romney or whoever else is winning; but the Feb 5th primaries are really where the leaders will separate from the rest of the pack.

I’m still hoping for a Fred comeback, although it’s just seeming less and less likely; but then again he’s really be campaigning hard in the Super Tuesday states, the same as Rudy has been.  The other effect that all the Feb 5th primaries is going to have I think is to diminish the importance of the South Carolina Republican primary.  While traditionally, the winner of the SC Republican primary has gone on to win the party’s nomination; I don’t know if that’s going to be the case this year.  But I can hope for a win from Fred, and then that he’ll carry the Super Tuesday states.