Your rifle is a monster.

I found a letter to the editor of The, which apparently is the student paper of Georgetown.  Anyway, the letter itself is fine, it’s pro-gun and not poorly written for a college student.  The PSH is found in the first comment to the letter, which is so absurdly emotional to be actually hilarious.

I live in Florida. In Broward county and in Orlando the homicide rates have doubled in the past 5 years alone (Broward is actually 70%increased). Last week in Orlando an 8 year old boy brought a semi automatic gun to school. Do you know how many police officers were gunned down in South Florida just this year alone? All from assault weapons that Bush gave an ok to when he failed to renew the ban on those monsters (emphasis mine).

You can say whatever lie you want, but those of us who have had family killed, paralyzed by bullets know differently. Guns kill, and they kill children, women, grandparents.

Before Florida let every fool carry a gun, we did not have these tragedies, but now it is part of our lives. So if guns are preventing so much crime we would certainly see it in our state. And you can bet, we don’t.

So stop lying. You are destroying our children (emphasis mine).

You can just feel the raw, strangled emotion coming through the internets as the author furiously pounds her keyboard, as her heart sings “FOR THE CHILDREN”.  I don’t even need to debunk it, because others already took her to task for the glaring inaccuracies in her letter.

But really, my favorite part is where she calls semi-automatic rifles “monsters”.  That’s so good I don’t even know what to do with, other than buy a semi-automatic rifle and paint “Monster” on the side of the side of the thing.  I mean, that’s raw emotional appeals at its finest – no logic, no evidence or reason or any of that fun “proof” stuff.  Just the usual misinformation, the usual “for the children”, and of course the assertion that an inanimate object with no will of its own is a monster.


  1. This comment is almost the same as one left over at HuffPo under one of Paul Helmke’s screeds. The poster’s name is different, Michelle v. Marianne, but it seems to be the same author.

  2. Eh. Ever heard anyone say semi-automatic firearms should be banned and not even be able to identify four of them?

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