Hey Colts Fans

I have a question for you, my loyal Indianapolis Metro area readers.

For whom are you going to root in the AFC Championship game?  Would like to see the Chargers lose as revenge for beating the Colts, or does your hatred of Tom Brady and the Patriots run so deep as to hope that the Chargers beat the Pats, only to be defeated by whomever the NFC throws into the Super Bowl?

So, who’s it gonna be, Chargers or Patriots?


  1. Well, I have no horse left in the race, so I’ll just side with my hatred of NE. Of course, in my opinion, the Chargers have absolutely no chance against the Patriots.

  2. I’ll second that. Hatred of the Pats is the only thing I’ve got left in the playoffs. Especially now that the Cowboys aren’t around to root against…

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