Begging and the 2008 Shot Show

So, it turns out there is a chance that I may be in Las Vegas for my company during the 2008 Shot Show, which runs from Feb 2nd to the 5th.

I don’t suppose anyone out there who is connected could score me a pass to this?  I’ve always wanted to go to Shot, it’s one of those goals of mine that I’ve had for quite some time.  Plus, I would definitely live blog whatever parts of the show I’d be attending, so you guys would get to see an outsider’s perspective on the inside of the gun industry.

I really hope that my company sends me to Vegas first week of Feb now.


  1. I’ve done SHOT, and it’s damn impressive. However, if you’re not there as “press” through NSSF, be wary of using the camera too visibly. Lots of people get away with it, but I was even asked about my credentials just for taking a photo of a check presentation photo op.

  2. Check out the Para-Ordnance display for an alloy framed version of the Carry GAP LDA pistol. I know it exists, even though it’s not in their catalog. One is sitting by the front door now waiting to go back to Para. Someone there shipped it by mistake as a steel framed pistol. It may be the ultimate pocket rocket. I need a steel frame for my purposes, otherwise I would have kept it.

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