So, you guys might have noticed that I sort of have a serious case of gun ADD. I will buy random guns because they appeal to me with almost no rhyme or reason behind the purchases.

I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately, and I want to streamline my gun collection a little bit, reduce the scattershot nature of what I have and try to focus around a more central theme. The problem for me is decided on what that theme should be, because of my aforementioned issues with ADD. I’m just sort of bouncing ideas around, but I may be offering some of my guns up for sale here pretty soon.

One of the big reasons for this is that guns don’t hold any value to me if they sit on a shelf and look pretty; I’m not really a collector, I’m a shooter. The most valuable guns are ones that I want to take with me to the range time after time (with the exception of my snub nosed .45 ACP); so a gun that I don’t shoot is pretty much a waste of metal.


Oh yeah, if someone made a drop in conversion for a Glock or a 1911 that converted that puppy to 5.7x28mm (the FN round) who would want one?


  1. Why would anybody want one? Unless you’re talking about a 10mm 1911 or Glock (or MAYBE .357 Sig) the ammo is cheaper and easier to find for those caliburs. If recoil is an issue, .22 conversions are available for both guns…and cheap and easy is the name of the game with .22.

    Still there I’m sure is SOMEBODY who’d want one. I just can’t imagine the market being that big…

  2. Well, I’m trying to think of ways to expand the commercial viability of the 5.7mm round. I think it would be a fantastic medium range varmint round, as I’ve said before, and according to my sources has excellent potential for accuracy in target guns.

    I’d want one.

  3. Well, it depends what guns you are going to favor over others and how much they cost.

  4. I’d go for a .400 Cor-bon drop in kit over a 5.7. It should’ve stayed a subgun round. The handguns are designer guns and the ammo will never sell cheaply regardless of desire. Maybe if High-Standard started working with the round it might come down, but it would really take some major target pistol companies to put a dent in the price.

  5. Ahab, if FN wanted to get more interested in the 5.7 definetly making a “Camp Carbine” would be a good idea. All but the craziest of Mall Ninjas have relized its not a man-stopping round. But it IS a fun round to shoot, and quite accurate. Making an inexpensive, rugged, low-tech camp carbine with a 10-round factory magazine (of course monster optional magazines would be EVERYWHERE) Essentially make it a go-between between say the 10-22 and the Mini-14 (to take ruger for an example).

    Add somthing practical like that to a 5.7X28 that is in the cost range of, say, .357 Magnum and there could be a market.

  6. That’s exactly what I keep saying that someone should do! Actually, I’m pretty sure that having Ruger made a Mini-5.7 was on my wish list for last year; the 5.7mm has huge potential as a plinking/varmint round. I’d take those wimpy Indiana coyotes with it all day long.

  7. Overall length on the 5.7 s too long to go in the Magazine well of a typical 1911… Right?

    So unless you could include a “drop in frame”…

    Don’t think that’d work.

    I’d love to see a M1 Carbine done up in 5.7mm. Same barrel diameter and everything…

  8. Yeah, I did some research on the OALs of the various rounds, essentially you’d have to custom build an entire new gun around the platform.

    I still maintain that a tackdriving 1911 in 5.7mm would be cool.

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