England banning broken guns

I really can’t make this stuff up.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has announced plans to ban deactivated guns by the end of the year.

The Home Secretary said exemptions could be made for responsible collectors of deactivated firearms, of which there are an estimated 120,000 in Britain.

The move will affect weapons which were deactivated before 1995, when new standards were introduced to make it harder to convert non-firing guns back into lethal weapons. But police report that many firearms now being used in crime were deactivated before 1995.

At this juncture, there really aren’t words. I mean, they are essentially banning the collection of broken guns; guns that were deactivated to a non-firing status. Now, this isn’t “ATF deactivated” where they cut the receiver into pieces, but rather “rendered inoperable”, which I would assume means that they’ve had key firing parts welded together or removed.

Honestly though, I can’t quite understand the silliness of this; you are banning broken guns. Broken. Guns.


  1. I can’t see that this is any sillier than what our govt did with DEWATS in the ’68 Gun Control Act.

  2. That plus banning Samurai swords. Can Scottish dirks and broadswords be far behind?

    The UK is simply a hopeless basket case of political correctness. The original great men of letters who wrote so eloquently to further the cause of English Liberty must be cranking some serious RPMs in their graves–an untapped power source to offset the decline of North Sea oil reserves, perhaps?

    And with Scottish devolution, the Scottish parliament is seeking to put in even MORE restrictions than London is willing to support, banning ALL air pistols and rifles. (some wanker was being negligent with a pellet air rifle and not paying attention to his backstop and killed an infant in a freakish accident with a riccochet, apparently.); said legislation being put forward by the nominally conservative Scottish National Party, no less, whom one might expect would be for expanding Scottish liberty, not contracting it–one might expect that, and one would be wrong, apparently. Crikey! Makes me ashamed of my Scottish roots…especially since Scotland has a history of being disarmed by English wankers based in London; You’d hope the SNP would “get it”, if any political party in Scotland did, but no.

  3. Hey, I want to ban broken guns. I want a law written that ensures none of my guns are broken. And while we’re at it, I think the “one gun a month” law is a good one too. Every citizen should add one gun a month to his collection, right?
    [/snark off]

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