Misleading headlines

The headline on this article in a Hampton Roads, Virginia newspaper is a pretty prime example of misleading information being disseminated by the press essentially on behalf of gun control groups.

Despite Tech shootings, gun show rules unlikely to be altered
Goddard says he will describe the injuries from the four bullets that ripped into his son, Colin, who is among the survivors. He and other parents will urge lawmakers to close a loophole in the state’s gun laws. They want to end a practice that allows some firearms to be sold at gun shows without a background check on the buyer.

In case anyone has forgotten, the VA Tech shooter did not buy his guns from a gun show. The loophole that he slipped through has been closed by the NICS Bill, or HR 2640 that we have long been lobbying to pass, and that still awaits a signature from President Bush.

Thankfully, some of the state Senators in Virginia still have a bit of common sense about them.

“They’ll very likely be asked to explain the connection between the gun show loophole and the massacre at Tech,” said state Sen. Kenneth Stolle,

R-Virginia Beach. “None of what happened has anything to do with the loophole.”

Gun shows had absolutely nothing to do with VA Tech. I find it rather grotesque that the parents of victims from the shooting are being paraded around and used as a platform for gun control measures which have absolutely nothing to do with VA Tech, and would have done absolutely nothing to prevent the atrocity at VA Tech.

I suppose it’s pretty much the MO of anti-gun groups, push push push and don’t slip on the blood you’re standing in.


  1. You made a typo that renders your point moot:

    In case anyone has forgotten, the VA Tech shooter did not buy his guns from a gun shop.

    I think you meant to say psyCho didn’t get his guns from a gun show

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