I tried

I can’t do it.

I was going to blog about how Britney Spears and her status with regards to the gun that she allegedly owns, but I just can’t do it.   I would have gotten a bunch of hits from retards searching blogs for commentary on that moron, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

What the hell is wrong with us that on the day of the Iowa caucuses, more people on CNN were interested in the custody of that white trash bimbo’s kids than the possible future leader of our nation?

For some reason, when I heard the “Hollywood Dirt” on my local drive time idiot talk show this morning, I almost blew a gasket.  I to not rage against “the ills of society” too much around here because it makes me sound like a crotchety old bastard; but I really do get frustrated with it from time to time.  I don’t understand why people care so much, I really don’t.  I mean really, who gives a shit if Britney Spears doesn’t have custody of her kids, or if she goes and offs herself in some drug addled stupor?

I guess what really confuses me is how this happened.  I don’t remember it always being this way – sure people used to obsess over actors before, but was it always like this?  What happened to the national consciousness that has created such a huge industry around following every single event in the lives of these morons?

Maybe we should be taking our cues, in this one instance, from ancient Roman culture, where actors were regarded in the social strata as beneath butchers and common laborers in terms of value to society.  Just sayin’, is all.


  1. Christians. They fed Christians to the lions.

    Though, I suppose Christians were the heathens at the time.

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