Fire Joe Tiller, part 2

It looks like I may get my wish that I iterated in this post regarding Purdue football coach Joe Tiller.

Purdue looking for Tiller replacement

Before you guys start pounding me, I have nothing really against Tiller, I think he’s a perfectly fine coach.  My problem is that I don’t think the administration in West Lafayette has a sense of urgency about the football program, and Tiller is emblematic of that.  We haven’t been competitive for the  Big 10 title since 2002, and we’ve spent the years since our Rose Bowl visit (with Drew Brees) going to crappy little bowls, and even losing the Oaken Bucket to the (spit) Hoosiers.

That’s my problem – I feel like there is a sense of complacency with Purdue football, that Tiller is perfectly happy being a middle-bottom tier Big 10 team, going 8-5 and pounding MAC teams in the Motor City Bowl.  I like winning records, and I want that continue, but I’d like to see winning records in the Big 10, I’d like us to beat Ohio State, I want the damn Bucket back.  Sure, we lead the Bucket series 68-36 (with 6 ties), but it’s not enough to just pound IU every year.

Purdue could compete in the Big 10 again; but I just don’t think it’s going to happen under Tiller.


  1. You guys should be glad that you didn’t draw Ball State instead of Central Michigan, we almost beat Nebraska, I’m pretty sure we would’ve kicked your ass.

  2. Yes, Purdue fans are very scared of Ball State High School. Did you not notice that Nebraska was TERRIBLE this year? Kansas put 60 points on them this year and you STILL didn’t beat the Huskers. Pathetic! I’d love to play Ball State every year and let them know that they’re a high school team every year. That’s what happened the last time we played the fearsome Cards of Ball State…

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