The appeal of C&R

If you’re like me, you’re probably a little concerned about the possibility of an anti-gun chap like Romney, Rudy, or of course Hillary/Obama getting elected next year.  If you’re also like me, you kind of want to start stockpiling things like full and high capacity magazines, ARs, and ammo.

That’s why I’m glad I have a C&R.  For about $200 bucks, I can get a 7.62×25 Tokarev pistol, which is basically a knockoff of the ’03  Browning design, and then for about $120 I can get a boatload of 7.62×25 Romanian manufacture ball ammo.  By “boatload”, I mean 1,200+ rounds from Aim Surplus.  Sure it’s corrosive stuff, but if you clean your guns properly after use and remove the corrosive deposits, it won’t harm your firearms.  It’s nice and cheap practice ammo.  Plus, Wolf makes a decent hollow-point load for the 7.62×25 if you’re thinking about carrying it for defensive purposes; a role for which it would be suited in a cinch.

That’s one of the appeals of C&R, especially to me.  If you’re looking to get decent, proven defensive guns on a tight budget, it’s hard to beat having them shipped directly to your door.  With my C&R, I can get that Tok and 1200 rounds of ammo for about $300, then get an SKS and 1,000 rounds of Wolf 7.62×39 for another $350.  That means for $650 dollars I have a perfectly serviceable rifle and handgun combo.  They’re not going to win any beauty or accuracy contests, but they will get the job done.

I don’t think that anyone who is legally able should be denied the ability to defend themselves just because they can’t afford a $1500 AR15, and a $900 customized 1911.  Do I think that if they’ve got the scratch they should buy the best gun they can afford?  Of course I do; but sometimes you’ve only got $200 bucks to spend.

And I’ll certainly recommend a good quality surplus gun before I tell you to get a Hi-Point, Jennings, or one of those other things.  The nice thing about surplus guns is that (for the most part) they’re tested and proven designs.


  1. (Coughs) Can’t meet the age requirement. Another year and I don’t know how many months to go. (Coughs)

  2. Don’t forget the CZ-82 is C&R eligible. 9X18 Makarov chambering, sandwiched somewhere in between .380 ACP and 9mm for power, and comes with full capacity magazines… And on sale, they’re under $200 as well.

    Most likely my BAG Day acquisition this year. If not the Tokarev…

  3. (Slams head into keyboard) Please stop torturing me…… (Grumbles) Curse you Gun Control Act of 1968……..

  4. And don’t forget the (sometimes substantial) discounts at some major retailers!

  5. Even without a C&R, there are a lot of very fine deals to be had in surplus arms; my first gun purchase was a Star BM, 9 Para, and turned out to be a very fine sidearm. Eventually I upgraded to the aluminum-framed version.

    Battle-rifle, I’ve already got an SKS. And enough rounds for the first wave of a zombie apocolypse — better buy more.

  6. Definitely, the surplus market is a great place to find serviceable used firearms. Having a C&R makes it easy, because if you see a great gun somewhere online, you can have it shipped directly to your house instead of having to muck around with having it sent to an FFL.

    Especially since my favorite gun shop in the area is out in Plainsfield, I don’t really want to make the 45 minute from Fishers to there on a lark, so the C&R really helps.

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