Letter from the NRA to the ATF

Chris Cox, the Executive Director of the NRA-ILA wrote an open letter to Michael Sullivan, the acting director of the ATF.

Those licensees who do choose to fight to retain their licenses face several obstacles.  Chief among those is BATFE’s incorrect application of the term “willful”…Dealers who omitted as few as 19 pieces of information out of 51,240 separate boxes on 880 different forms (an error rate better than that in BATFE’s own National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record) have been treated as “willful” violators and subjected to revocation proceedings, resulting in years of costly litigation.

The entire letter is worth reading.  It quite accurately points out several of the areas in which the BATFE has been clearly abusing their authority, including gun shows, harassing gun smiths, etc.


  1. The article says, “The entire letter is worth reading.” OK – I want to read the entire letter but see no link to it. Where/what is the link?

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