Don’t get too excited yet

As an FYI, we won’t really see a clear frontrunner for the nomination until after February 5th, when 20+ states are holding their primaries.  A win in New Hampshire would help candidates carry momentum into Super Tuesday, or whatever they’re calling it this year.

Since the Indiana primary isn’t until May, I’ve got quite some time before I can actually vote for a candidate.

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  1. You see that Mitch is going to try to tie our presidential primary date in the future to either Iowa or New Hampshire’s date? I could go for that. We vote so late, it almost doesn’t matter. Fred’s going to need a miracle though I think. Was in FL over the last week or so, and freakin’ Rudy kept pooping up on the teevee. I don’t think I want to have to look at him for the next 4 years, but it’d be better than the Hildabeast.

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