You’re kidding

People in San Francisco are actually holding a vigil for the tiger that attacked that teenager.

They lighted a bonfire Tuesday on Ocean Beach for Tatiana the tiger, an animal who created one tragedy and whose death was another one.

“That animal got a raw deal at our hands,” he said. “Tatiana was being a tiger. We humans are the ones that make the choices. The tigers don’t.”

You know, he’s right in that the tiger didn’t do anything inherently wrong, a predator is a predator and will behave, well, like a predator.  And I’m fine with tigers being tigers.

What I don’t get is people feeling sorry for that tiger when we decided that it was a threat.  Because just as the tiger was being a tiger, the police had just as much (if not more) of a right to be alive, and defend themselves from a large predatory animal with claws.  So they did the logical thing and protected the general populace.  Holding a vigil for an animal that was a threat to humans is stupid.

Stupid hippies.


  1. I feel sorry for the Tiger in that it’s looking more and more like the punks were antagonizing it. Did the cops do the right thing? Yeah. It’s just unfortunate they had to.

  2. The cops did what they had to do. That isn’t the real point. The blame lies with the punks who were shooting the tiger with a slingshot. They need to be rubbed down with a porkchop and tossed into the tiger enclosure so the other tigers can finish cleaning our gene pool.

    And it would make a great Pay per View event.

  3. GeorgeH is correct. Tigers are an endangered species. Dumbass kids are in abundance.

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