CCW Holder stops robbery

But that’s not possible! It’s a well known fact that if a CCW holder is at the scene of a crime, they will only escalate the situation into a full blown shootout! [/sarcasm]

Thankfully, the hyperbole of the anti-gun crowd just simply isn’t true, especially in this instance.

The suspect gave up the money and his gun and took off his mask. The people who work at Buck’s say the suspect has been casing the place for days.

When police arrived, Charlie had the suspect on the floor.

Just so everyone is clear, an armed citizen with a CCW permit intervened on behalf of others and stopped a violent crime that was in progress. Had “Charlie” not been there, the suspect would have likely gotten away clean, or worse yet hurt an innocent person.

Now, I know that the anti-gun crowd will likely dismiss this as an “isolated incident”; which is pretty predictable for them.  The problem is that these “isolated incidents” keep popping up over and over again; almost like there is a pattern of armed citizens preventing criminal predations.


  1. To paraphrase one of my stats profs, the plural of ‘anecdote’ is not ‘trend’.

  2. Yes, but when you have a distinct pattern of several thousand provable anecdotes and the statistical data to back them up, then you have a trend. It’s just fortuitous that the actual data supports my side of the argument.

  3. Kalium:

    Incidents like this are rarely reported in the mainstream media and only occasionally reported locally. Usually you will see these types on incidents, where no bullets were fired and no one was killed, on the local Police Blotter. For this to have had it’s own story, it must have been a slow news day.

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