You might be a gunnie, Travel Version

You might be a gunnie if:

  • The Pyrodex residue on your boots sets off the “bomb swab” detector thing at the airport.
  • When packing, you decide to use your range bag as a carry-on.
  • When emptying said range bag, you find two loaded speedloaders in a side pocket. and have the reaction “that’s where those were!”
  • On your way to the airport, you remember that you stuck a live .22 LR round in your change pocket as you were cleaning out your range bag, and have to leave it in the car.
  • You’re a little surprised when your carry-on makes it through security without triggering any alarms, as over the past week it’s had 1 lb of Pyrodex and about 500 rounds of ammo in and out of it.

I’m sure that there are plenty more travel gunnie stories, especially ones involving actually trying to check guns through security.  I’ve only had to do that a couple of times, back when I was traveling with the Academy’s pistol team.  Truth be told, a bunch of guys in uniforms checking about 20 pistols didn’t really raise a flap back then; although it might now.


  1. On my way to the Gun Rights Policy Conference this year, I learned that a spare laptop battery and an iPod’s headphones (in separate compartments) look very bad when viewed on the 2-D X-ray monitor.

    After the third pass through, the TSA lady (actually nice) asked me to open the bag and let her look inside. I figured smokeless powder residue, as the same briefcase has housed various pistols.

    When I looked over her shoulder at the monitor image, I quickly realized the concern.

    I then had to discuss something that looked very bomblike without using the verboten word. To her credit, the TSA lady was pretty amused by the perfect storm of items, alignment, and 2-D image.

  2. I always use my range bag as a “suitcase”. I’ve found an extra mag from my Kimber while vacationing, and likewise found a long lost lipgloss at the range.
    Go figure.

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