I hate the TSA

No offense to my dad, but the TSA is full of retards. I am always mildly insulted when I damn near have to strip naked to clear security, while some high school dropout roots through my personal belongings.

Today, to add insult to injury, my boots set off the bomb residue detector. Apparently, pyrodex residue on my shoes is enough to get the job done. That, or the wanker checking me can’t read the electronic display.

More updates when we get to Milwaukee or Minneapolis or whevever the hell we’re going for our first layover.


  1. Son,
    The TSA personnel are not high school dropouts. In fact most of the people that work for me have english as their primary language. Regarding your boots, the machine was performing to the standard set by the manufacturer. You should be glad it can pick up trace elements of powder, how do you think that TSA officer knew to strip search you.

  2. In my defense, that post written without the benefit of coffee. I had been selected for “additional screening” anyway, which at 7am and without coffee was a bit much for me.

  3. “english as a primary language”

    I don’t… understand why that is mentioned.

  4. I once flew to Orlando. The day before had been a 500-round range day, and I’d carried all of my empty brass home in the same backpack I used for a carry-on.

    This didn’t hit me until the wanker started swabbing inside my bag.

    Oh – shiat.

    30-seconds later, Clean scan (WTF??) and I went on to my plane.

    We arrived at our hotel, whereupon I opened all the zippers and shook out the bag to be sure I’d gotten all the loose crap out of it.

    Out popped a handfull of empties, and FOUR LIVE ROUNDS I’d somehow overlooked.

    All this in spite of the fact that I’d been (as nearly always) pulled out for “special treatment.”

    Sorry, “Dad”, but most of them are idiots, and the whole thing is a farce. FEELING safer is not the same as BEING safer. All this TSA nonsense post-911 has done is to make the sheeple FEEL safer.



  5. I concur Ahab, most are nothing more than government rent a cops, who could not cut as a rent a cop. At the St.Paul airport about three years back, I had a bimbo wand me, after the walk-through metal detector went off. I was wearing shorts, sandals, and a tee shirt. No belt or anything else metal. It was because I have shrapnel in my left leg, behind the shinbone. I know it was going to go off and tried to explain to this retard what it was. She the asked me, after the wand went off in the shin area, if I had any weapons. Yeah, I cut my leg open and put a shive in my leg. If it wasn’t for a local cop, who convinced her, I probably still be there or have had a cavity search done.

    These folks have the intelligence of a retarded autistic gerbil

  6. “These folks have the intelligence of a retarded autistic gerbil”

    You, sire, are too generous.

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