Holiday Blogging

I will be blogging over the holidays, but it won’t be from my home of Indianapolis.  I’m done with work until next year (awesome) and tomorrow at oh-dark-thirty Mrs. Ahab and I will be departing for Seattle to visit my family.

Unlike Sebastian, I probably won’t get to do too much shooting, but I will have opportunity to work on my dad about giving me that 16 gauge ’97 Winchester.  Or the .357 Ruger custom build.

Also, next year, we’re going to have shirts!  That’s right – custom made “Call me Ahab” shirts.  Because everyone needs a polo with curse words on it.


  1. If you meet a British ex-Marine while in Seattle, throw a scone at him for me.

  2. We could think of some catchy slogans:

    Call me Ahab
    Have you seen my white whale?”

    or maybe

    Call me Ahab
    Is that a peg leg in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

    That one might not work too well, because it’s long. Maybe just.

    Call me Ahab
    For hate sake, I spit my last wadcutter at thee


    Call me Ahab
    Because Ishmael is for fags.

    OK, I should stop now.

  3. A happy 365th to you, and welcome to Seattle. Watch out for the construction at the end of the terminal road.

    Btw, there is a nice little indoor range in Kent (hint, hint).

    If I may, I would suggest:

    Call Me Ahab
    Watch Out for My Harpoon


    Call Me Ahab
    Finding the Little Man in the Boat Daily

    And Sebastian, Ishmael is for fags.


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