H&K – Because you suck, and we hate you

So, I’m watching “Super Guns” on Modern Marvels, and they keep putting this guy from H&K up as a “consultant”. He keeps talking about “for the military”, and the guns that h&k are developing.

It just reminds me how much hk hates the civilian market.

Well, now Garry James is talking about the gyrojet pistol. Now they’re talking about the Dardick…I am questioning naming this show “super guns”. Of course, since they just showed a Taurus Titanium, I’m thinking that this particular episode is kind of old.


  1. yep.. that episode is old, but it is a great show.

    as annoying as hk is, their M16/AR15 platform magazine (at $50) is amazing. You can’t jam the follower. The Brownells mags at 1/4 the price (with C&R) are very good tho, so I have many more of them.

  2. Yeah, I recorded it and tried to watch it. Started fastforwarding and then realized they had not really gotten to the modern era when the dvr asked if I wanted to delete it….

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