More on California Micro-stamping

And the Lead ammo ban.  I have a link to the full text of Chris Cox’s article as it appeared in this months American Rifleman.

As California goes, so goes the nation,” is a familiar saying in politics. No one hopes more than gun-control extremists that the saying is true. If Congress and other states follow California`s increasingly aggressive lead on banning guns and ammunition, and carry it to its extreme conclusion, most or all guns will eventually be illegal to sell, and most or all ammunition will eventually be illegal to shoot.

They say it a lot, but you really should read the entire thing.  One of the things he points out is the possible snowball effect of the lead ammo ban in “Condor ranges”.

And while California`s lead-ammunition ban applies only to hunting certain game within a portion of the state, it is inconceivable that gun-control supporters will miss the chance to cover non-hunting uses of guns. The most radical anti-gun group in the country, the Violence Policy Center, is already on record claiming that “any possible benefits of firearm safety training are outweighed by the risk of lead poisoning,” and that “states and localities should consider moratoriums [sic] on the construction of new ranges.”

Like I just said – read it all.

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  1. If you want some background on the run-up that preceeded it (the Ban-signing) and what may have caused Schwarzenoodle to stab us in the back there’s some belief that a certain letter might have triggered the incident, and his response was blowback against the CRPA and the NRA, and that CRPA dropped the ball by being intransigent – anyhow a lot of followup frustrations boiled-over.
    Bottom-line is Arnold’s not a Republican except here in CA where the dominant Socialists call him that as a put-down. And they ARE Socialists.

    Bear in mind that the Sacramento Bee is to the left of Mao and Greener than Algore, and “the NRA” quoted in their editorial could be any pro-gun group or group they wish to demonize.

    Some of the post-signature immediate responses could well be just be expressions of frustration and finger-pointing. But as one guy put it so well, You are looking for these groups (CRPA, NRA) to come right out and tell you what you want to hear and try to fight the liberals in a conventional war. In California we are behind enemy lines and fighting an occupying army. We have to fight as guerrilla fighters. The conventional war tactics won’t work. All of the fighting is going on behind the scenes.

    Muchn of the debate:
    NRA looks ok, CRPA and GOC not so good.

    Passage of the lead-ammo ban and the microstamping bill is going to be leveraged to the hilt by the Antis using the motto of their manifesto: by any means necessary, and that includes manufacturing fraudulent science like they did with the Condor, and distorting statistics beyond recognition — it’s what they do with Goreball Whorming so don’t expect any less.
    Sorry guys.

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