The NRA and California

I have heard it bandied around the internets (usually from idiots) that the NRA supported/helped California pass their onerous micro-stamping bill and their lead ammo ban.  Obviously, those people never read any of the alerts from the NRA-ILA, and certainly aren’t NRA members.

I just got my latest edition of American Rifleman which has a great column by Chris Cox (the Executive director of the NRA-ILA) about exactly why the bans in California are a terrible thing, and how the NRA fought against them.  It’s not available online (yet) otherwise I’d link you to it; but it makes the very key point that anti-gun advocates consider California their model for the rest of the country.

Micro-stamping is one of those weasel things that they can try to sneak in on the grounds of “public safety”, and because a lot of people are ignorant as to how the technology works, it has a much lower bar for success.  Same with banning lead ammo in condor ranges.  Pick an “endangered species” and then ban certain types of ammo to “protect mother earth”.  Also a low bar for success, since it’s been aided and abetted by people who think that saving the earth from us is priority number one.

Allow me to be very clear.  Sarah Brady would like nothing better than to see California’s laws become national laws.  This affects hunters, sport shooters, and just people who own a gun for self defense.  Just because we appear to be winning on many national fronts does not mean that this is the time to relax.

I know this sounds like a recruiting drive, but I do recommend that you join the NRA.  You want to have your lobby dollars get something done?  Give them to the organization whose political endorsement is the most valuable in the nation.


  1. Aah, and then, after setting a precedent for banning led ammo to save the birdies, you have people elsewhere (Clark County IL) setting a precedent by banning non-lead ammo because of the fallacy that it is designed to pierce body armor…hence it is “cop killer” ammo.

    So, if you’re opposed to banning lead ammo, you don’t care about the environment and if you’re opposed to banning non-lead ammo, you don’t care about cops.

    I have to admit, they may be liars, they may be anti-liberty, they may be statists and they may be evil, but stupid is one thing they are not.

  2. We just need to lobby for Condor Cop Savers. Save the cops and condors at the same time! Mild steel ammunition for everybody!

  3. Just curious, Ahab. Do you also subscribe to America’s First Freedom? When I first joined the NRA, I got both American Rifleman and AFF, but after the first year I dropped AR and just get AFF now.

  4. Nope, I just get American Rifleman with my membership. Although since I’m letting my G&A subscription lapse (largely because of shitty articles), I might pick up America’s First Freedom.

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