Question for the ladies

And the men I suppose; although this is the sort of question that usually draws ire from the knuckle-draggers who think that men should be “rough”.

I have (obviously) a couple of different guns that I carry.  I also have different holsters that I use for these guns.  My holster always matches my shoes (black with black, brown with brown), unless I’m wearing an inside the waistband holster.

So, my question is as follows – do you accessorize with your carry gear?  Does your holster match your handbag?  And if Coach or Fendi made carry rigs, would you buy one?  I have got to say, I love holsters, and assuming that Coach holster was a quality rig, I’d probably buy one.


  1. I don’t/can’t legally open carry, so the point is moot. My wife, however was recently shopping for a purse, and ended up with a (goddam$$$$) Coach. She was carefully checking each one for carry potential, although none of them were designed for that. In the end, we just got her a separate (fashionable) carry purse. Still, when we were at the Coach store, I was tempted to ask if they made holsters.

  2. So I’m a knuckle-dragger now? Good thing there’s still time for me to take the Craftsman tools set back to Sears and get you something nice from Bath and Body Works for Christmas.

    Seriously though, while it’s a moot point for me right now, hypothetically if I were t carry openly while dressed nicely, of course my holster would match my belt/shoes. That’s the way you’re supposed to dress.

    The question is, what holster goes with white Nikes, jeans, and a black belt?

  3. I’m a guy. I typically carry IWB (sometimes OWB but still concealed), but I like my stuff to match even though it’s out of sight. I typically always wear black leather goods, so all of my holsters and mag carriers being black this isn’t a problem. When I dress casually, I sometimes wear an OD green nylon belt. While my belt may not match my shoes/boots then, my watchband still does. The gear I hang off my belt doesn’t match an OD one, but they still match each other. I guess I’m metro-tactical. 😉

  4. No matter what shoes I’m wearing, or what bag I’m carrying, my holster is always the same color…”invisible”.

  5. I don’t really accessorize because I don’t carry a visible holster on my belt or waistband. –I’m slender and the curves are abrupt. I carry my sidearm out of sight.

    I’ll note that LEOs *do* match their leather items and I would expect a gentleman to do no less when he wears business attire or anything more formal. (C’mon, guys, if I have to make to with an ittybitty .25 in one of three improbable locations when I’m dolled up for New Years, you can at least have a nice black-leather holster under your tuxedo jacket!)

    If you’re workin’ the fields or tendin’ a lathe, the equation’s altogether different; but gents, they would not *make* gunleather in the dizzying variety of styles, shades and types in which it is indeed made if the only market was the 2% overlap between “metrosexual” and “gunnie!”.

  6. For CCW use, people around you aren’t supposed to see the rig anyway, so no, functionality wins out over fashion. I like the SmartCarry deep concealment system, though I do admit I feel more comfortable with it while wearing darker toned pants versus khaki. I’m getting a tuckable IWB for my Bersa, and I’m told darker shirts work better for that as well. Right now I carry my Bersa in a non-tuck IWB and just wear a long t-shirt and/or long sweatshirt over the exposed grip (and with the weather lately, a coat over that also).

    In winter, with the heavy coat over them, I could probably get away with my hardened plastic external paddle holsters and carry more firepower, like my PT92 or my CZ-75B in .40 S&W, or my 1911.

    However, I am interested in Cowboy Action Shooting, so YES, my belt, holster, and boots should all match each other…probably maroon cordovan leather.

  7. Except for revolvers. I have heard legends of a kydex revolver holster, but I dismissed it as crazy talk. No self respecting man would put a roundgun in a kydex rig.

  8. Late to the party, as usual. However, may I commend you on your fashion sense?

    As for carry, when I do, it’s in a purse. If it’s a quick run somewhere, I’ll throw the gun in a cheap fabric holster I picked up at a gun show and just shove it in whatever purse I’m carrying.

    However, if it’s a longer period of carry, then I rely on my now rather old Coronado purse. Mine is in black, though I confess that I really want a brown one since now I wear more brown than any other color.

    The biggest problem is that most manufacturers of concealment gear seem to be lacking in the fashion department. For example, I love Mitch Rosen’s work. The beauty of his holsters is unparalleled in my eyes. However, his purse design is rather blah as a purse. Functional? Yes. But I wouldn’t want to carry the purse itself, which makes it a problem.

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