Anyone but them

Researchers from the other, lesser major university in Indiana have found the wreckage of Captain Kidd’s ship.  Of course, my deep seated hatred of all things Cream and Crimson makes me wish that it had been any archaeological department but IU.  Oh well, at least they did something cool.

All kidding aside, the part of me that is fascinated with the Golden Age of Piracy thinks this is one of the coolest things ever.  The fact that literally hundreds of people have been searching for this wreck for years, and it was found in 10 feet of shallow water is absolutely amazing.

“I look forward to a meticulous study of the ship, its age, its armament, its construction,” Foster said. “Because there is extensive written documentation, this is an opportunity we rarely have to test historic information against the archaeological record.”

I guess it kind of makes me a nerd, but that’s awesome.  They are quite correct, there is extensive historical documentation of Captain Kidd’s exploits, and the ability to actually compare that to the vessel is pretty rare.