I can’t decide

If this fits the definition of irony or not.

A man identified by police as the cameraman for the infamous street video “Stop Snitching” has been indicted on federal gun and drug charges.

My gut says that it’s not ironic per se, since the cameraman wasn’t snitching on people, but it could be if he was snitched out by someone else.  Even if it’s not ironic, it’s pretty damn funny.

If you’re not familiar with the “Stop Snitchin’ ” campaign,  here’s an explanation in a nutshell.  Essentially, some scumbags decided to start a campaign aimed at getting people to stop talking to the police when the witness a crime.  The Stop Snitching DVDs and music usually imply or even directly state that people who talk to the cops will have violence done to them.  Essentially, criminals use it as a legal form of witness intimidation.

With that in mind, I am actually quite amused that the cameraman associated with the original video is probably  going to the federal slammer for quite some time.

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