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Sorry, I know I said I was done, but I have one more question for the media on the New Life Church shooter.

Why does it matter that he was home-schooled?  You seem so intent on brining it up, every single article I’ve seen that referenced that little shithead also mentioned that he was home-schooled.

Admittedly, it’s largely a rhetorical question, because I already know the answer.  Home-schooling is “bad”, because it doesn’t fall within the guidelines of “proper” education by the powers.  Therefore, if someone shoots up a church/school/library and he was home-schooled, it’s like bonus day for the media.  Not only do they get to rant and rave about assault weapons, but they can also decry the evils of parents teaching their children as the parents see fit.  If the kid also played violent video games, it’s triple bonus day.


  1. Typically we agree an awful lot but I think it’s relevant because poor homeschooling has no oversight whereas poor schools are out in public.

    Clearly the parents suck and in this case the parents were also the “teachers”, school nurse, school secretary, school psychologist, they were the specialists…

    You get the picture. Every adult that is typically in place to make sure kids don’t fall through the cracks doesn’t exist.

    FYI I think there are (possibly) some great homeschool families. I just haven’t seen one yet. 😉

    Please don’t barrage me with with your “perfect” children, I don’t want to be put in a position to pick them apart, they’re just kids but the whole world knows they’re kinda weird.

  2. It is all about the government, that is, only IT should provide protection,education, and anything else you many need. In short, we are victims in need of somebody to take care of us and it should be the government.

  3. Sue,

    I’ve known a lot of home-schoolers. They tend to be much better behaved and socially adjusted than public schooled kids. No set of teachers, school nurses, school secretaries, school psychologists, and any “adult that is typically in place to make sure kids don’t fall through the cracks” can take the place of parents who care about giving their kids the best education possible. Remember that the kid who shot up the Omaha mall was public schooled and had been a ward of the state for years! Harris and Klebold – public schooled. Cho – public schooled. Pick me out one other mass shooter that was home schooled. I don’t recall hearing of one.

    The father of the Colorado shooter was a neurologist! If he’s not as qualified to teach and recognize mental and physical health problems as anyone the kid would have ever encountered in the public schools, then who would be?

    Yup, my home-schooled kids are weird. They’re actually respectful of and can communicate with adults. They don’t see the world as a place where you’re segregated by age and herded around for several hours a day doing things with little or no understanding of why they’re done.

    How much “oversight” do the public schools really have? Seriously? Home-schooling won’t ruin a kid any worse than public schools do. I’ve known a couple of poorly taught home-school kids and they’re no worse than the worst public school kids I’ve known.

    Seriously, for the media to point this out just highlights the oddity of a home schooled kid doing this kind of thing. It’s not surprising when a public schooled kid shoots a bunch of people, but for a home schooled kid — that’s like “Man Bites Dog!” But that’s not what the media is trying to do with this, and we all know it.

  4. Speaking as a product of homeschooling who grew up, went to college, got a degree and became a stable, productive member of society (well, a game developer, but I pay taxes too); married a homeschooled girl who grew up, went to college, got a degree, and became first a stable, productive member of society and then a mother; and as one who is confident enough to plan on homeschooling his own kids — in my personal experience, at least, I’ve run into a lot more maladjusted products of the public education system than home schooling.

    True, there are some bad home schooling parents out there. Most of the bad home schoolers are simply bad parents in general, and their kids tend to turn out pretty much the same as kids who go to bad public schools and have parents who don’t care.

    Good parents make good home schoolers. They don’t get everything right (as if the public schools do!), but the vast majority of the home schooled high-school grads I knew in college were running rings around their publicly educated classmates.

  5. to be clear.

    1. My children are in private school.
    2. I live in Los Angeles, there are many options for parents who want their kids out of public school.
    3. If I lived in a rural area homeschooling might be a last ditch option

    You might be great, your kids might be great but I have to say, I’ve never met you.

    A very broke Sue

  6. First all, hey Ahab, yes this is your fellow BOB posting.

    Second: I am a product of homeschooling, from the state that is the heart of the homeschool movements, or at least the legal defense arm (Virginia), and I ain’t lived in “rural area” with little public school, in fact, there are some damn good school in the region.

    There is a very strong current, especially among leftists, that is anti-homeschooler. I’ve seen it all the time, there are constant accusation and stereotypes that play on the idea of not being “properly socialized.” Which really means “they don’t get social cliques and how people are suppose to fit into nice little boxes.” I’ve always heard people claim they know these “terrible homeschoolers,” but I’ve never encountered one, and I was homeschooled for 12 years and my family was always a member of a large homeschool support group and a church that supported homeschooling (went so far as to have homeschool graduations) (note to Ahab or any other NoVA folks: said church was Fairfax Covenant Church, in Fairfax near GMU, at the corner of Zion and Ox Rd, next to the Buddhist Temple).

    This is just another leftist media harp to try and make homeschoolers look bad. It ain’t going to work, as homeschooling has continued to spread… though it will reinforce the ideas of those leftists who already have bought into all of it.

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