Fan Mail

I love having my email address posted on the website.  I get such wonderful, happyjoyfull emails from my dedicated fans:

To whom it may concern:

I was greatly disappointed to see your website begin to display a banner from the NRA.  By repeating their anti-gun lies, you only serve to further spread the untruth that the NRA supports our right to keep and bear arms.

The NRA has been in bed with the antis for years now.  Just buying into their lies show’s the world that your not a true defender of freedom, and would rather be oppressed just like all the other sheep.

I hope that you take my words to heart, and that you should possibly rethink your presidential endorsement of Mick Huckabee – he is no friend of ours.  A better, pro-freedom candidate would be Ron Paul, the only presidental candidate interested in preserving our freedom.

I love my readers.


  1. Having heard Ron Paul interviewed on the Stephanie Miller show the other day, I’m pretty sure that’s not satire, and that his acolytes are simply so moonbat crazy that they’re starting to compete with the Lyndon LaRouche crowd.

  2. Hey, I resent someone as conservative as a Ron Paulite being painted with that brush. I resemble that remark!

  3. The LaRouchies are back in DC. I’ve been warned in case I’m riding Metro to work that they have been known to surround people until a petition is signed. I will try to remember to carry a heavy bag to knock my way out of them if needed.

  4. I’ve gotta thank you Ahab, for you changed my mind concering the NRA. In fact, while voluteering for GeorgiaCarry.Org this past Saturday, I had one of these yahoos come to the table. He believed that nothing is going to change and we were wasting our time even trying. I just smiled and told him to have a nice day, for there is no use arguing with a brick wall. Gun rights organization, whether local or national can only do so much, it is up to the individual to do the rest. Join something, do something, where it is writing your elected officals or donating to a group, just don’t sit on your ass. Get off of the sidelines and do SOMETHING, otherwise don’t be surprised when they(the government) come knocking at your door looking for your guns.

    Sorry, for the rant Ahab.

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