Best blog title ever

Coming from Blogcritics, with their piece called Ron Paul, Hugo Chavez, and the White Supremacist 9/11 Gun Control Conspiracy.

The post itself has nothing to do with any of the above topics, but rather the sometimes startling efficiency of detractors/proponents of the people/theories in the title to magically show up at blogs and comment.

Of course, it’s not only Dr Paul who triggers this behavior. The title of this piece incorporates – in a blatant and potentially suicidal attempt to get as many comments as possible and clog up the author’s e-mail – most of the other topics which tend to attract political ‘bots’.

They do agree that it’s highly unlikely, as well as not supported by evidence, that the people referred to as “bots” actually are, or use bots to find articles on their hero/savior/mortal enemy.  More likely than anything else, it’s because that dynamic people like Ron Paul attract very dedicated and loyal grassroots followers to their (often crazy) causes.

You can actually take the people of the gun as an example of that.  Most of the bloggers, as well as readers of this blog,  who are pro-gun are ardent defenders of our beliefs, and sometimes we will seek out opposing viewpoints just to confront them.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but it does serve as an example of the type of behavior that “True Believers” are going to espouse.  I’m sure if titled a blog entry “Harry Potter Kills Jesus” that I’d get quite a few angry comments from both Christians and Harry Potter fans.

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