Way to go Indianapolis!

We’re the 12th fattest city in the country!  Give yourself another donut, you fat sack of crap, and don’t you think about getting on that treadmill!  We’ve got to catch Memphis!

Oh yeah – and while the BMI (the method used to determine obesity for the sake of this study) is not the most accurate tool in the world, it’s still decent enough to give rough percentages.


  1. Have to say that I was surprised that Atlanta was not fatter than Indianapolis. With all of the KFC,Ihops, and Waffle Houses we got down here. Guess, those hot summers must burn it all off.

  2. HAH! San Antonio’s still third. Darn, that victory wasn’t as sweet as I thought it would be. In all seriousness, having lived in Houston and San Antonio, I have my doubts about how they rank this stuff. I lived in three different major areas of Houston (Third Ward, Medical Center, and Bellaire) and saw many more fat Houstonites.

  3. Well, Atlanta’s fatness is due to water weight. But now they have a drought, so all the weight has gone away.

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