Finders Keepers

In a story surprisingly devoid of hysterics, the owner of an art gallery found an old Iver Johnson .32 S&W while renovating her building.

Apparently, her gallery is located in an area that in the early 1900’s was somewhat…questionable, and someone had stashed a hideout gun along with gambling ledgers in a hidden area.  That’s actually a pretty cool find, when you think about it.

What’s even better is that it’s likely that she’ll be able to keep the gun, provided she takes the correct legal steps; which in Canada are somewhat onerous.   The police said that the gun hasn’t been in any crimes (which would be difficult, seeing as it’s been hidden for 90 years); so there aren’t any unusual legal barriers to her owning the pistol.

I wish I could find old guns that someone had stashed somewhere.  Maybe a .41 Colt revolver or something cool.

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  1. I remember a year or three ago when a guy in/around Chicago was doing renovations and found a genuine Thompson hidden inside a wall. That would be my luck- find a really cool gun that I couldn’t keep.

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