1. The restaurant one was just too damned funny. Regarding the DUI video, it might very well be time for a DAMM (Drunks Against Mad Mothers) PSA just to hear both sides.

  2. Is it just me or does every one of those videos blame the company? “They should never have put a deep fryer so close…” “The company should have replaced this ladder years ago.” “Why isn’t there a strict policy to have two people to do this type of work?” “The company should have checked these tanks…” “The company didn’t train me to handle high voltage wires.” It is in a company’s best interest not to get their workers hurt. If the ladder is rickety, or if a chef spills grease, or if a welder notices his tanks are ready for inspection, it is the responsibility of the worker to either correct the hazard or bring it to the attention of a supervisor.

  3. Ya know Mr. Nim has already given me orders to “not turn our son into a pussy”.

    Too bad there aren’t more Mr. Nim’s in the world. It’s embarrassing when Chicken Little writes a PSA.

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