Another gun buyback does nothing

This time in San Francisco, where the local police were trading $50 gift cards for “your guns”.  You get $200 for semi-auto rifles, $150 for handguns, and $100 for “standard” rifles.

That means that you could go on Gunbroker and buy a bunch of cheap potmetal revolvers for $50-$80 bucks a piece, and then go and turn them in for $150 each.  You could make anywhere from 100% to 200% profit.

Of course, this being a San Fran paper, the article wouldn’t be complete without a healthy dose of Pants-Shitting – all supplied by the San Francisco Police Department:

Each of the 106 weapons turned in could mean one less murder in a city that so far this year has seen 94 homicides, not to mention one less injury or death from a child finding the family gun and fiddling with it, said San Francisco police Sgt. Mikail Ali, acting director of the mayor’s office of criminal justice.

Just from reading the article, it sounds like most of the guns were the aforementioned pot-metal revolvers, which could only kill someone if you bashed them repeatedly over the head with it.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that a California police department would rather have 7 officers sit around all day collecting granny’s sock-drawer .22, instead of actually being on the streets trying to apprehend criminals.  Maybe if they didn’t wast so much manpower with gun buybacks, they’d be able to cut down the number of murders.


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