I’m so proud

The Indianapolis suburb of Carmel, which borders the suburb in which I live, has made the national news!  Too bad it’s not something that we should be proud about.

The short version of the story is that a bunch of soccer moms with too much time on their hands are all up in arms about the mannequin displays in the windows of Victoria’s Secret at a local open air mall.  The best part is that they’re essentially saying that because their children can see half dressed mannequins, that it’s going to turn their precious little daughters into whores, and their sons into masturbating sex fiends.

One of my friends from the area summed up the issue the best:

Great.  Now these crazy women are on CNN.  What’s really appalling is the guy say that porn is addictive.  No masturbating may be “addictive” but porn is just a mean to an end.  This same guy will be back on the front page of CNN in a month after he is caught in a strip club.  He will then proceed to blame modern society and pornography but mainly Victoria Secret for his “addiction” and disease.

Yeah, that’s pretty much exactly what’s going to happen.

I’m all for protecting your children from indecency, and if you’re worried about the mannequins in the window of Victoria’s Secret, here’s and idea: don’t go to that mall.  Or even better, talk to your kids about sex.  Seriously, when did hiding something from children make them less interested in it?


  1. Speaking as a soccer mom I can see how it’s offensive to have tits better than mine on display.

    I guess if my ass had fallen the mannequins would bug me too.


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