I thought prohibition was over

I kid, I know it actually is – but I get the sneaking suspicion that MADD would love to get it back.

Also, as of Saturday, people can lose their driver’s licenses for providing alcohol to anyone under 21. The penalty is important because many underage drinkers get alcohol from friends or family members, said Craig Lloyd, the executive director of the North Carolina chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

The law means that, theoretically, parents could be punished for giving a glass of wine to their 20-year-old son or daughter, even if the 20-year-old never gets behind the wheel.

Lloyd said that’s not excessive.

“It’s a zero-tolerance policy,” he said. “Breaking the law is breaking the law.”

I agree with Sebastian 100%, this is precisely none of the state’s business. Like him, I agree that the drinking age should be 18 – and like him I think that the state is meddling way to much into people’s business. It is already illegal to provide alcohol to minors, so instead of actually educating kids on responsible drinking, we’re just going to make it illegaller.*

*I know that “illegaller” isn’t a word.


  1. MADD and similar groups have long been known as neo-prohibitionists to those in the alcoholic beverage industry.

    The prime example of “for the children” activism.

  2. The “make it illegaler” approach makes sense if you assume the rational criminal model, wherein deterrence is a real factor.

  3. By any reasonable measure, the mad mothers achieved their goal some time ago. And yet, the organization persists. I suppose the employees of non-profits have mouths to feed as well.

  4. I like how “Zero Tolerance” is a good thing when they use it but if used against them then the judge should have discretion in the sentence since the there are extenuating circumstances you know. . .

  5. MADD has become the new Temperance Movement in of this century. I agree we should punish drunk drivers and discourage it as well. However, beyond that, I disagree with them. If you are 18, otherwise know as an adult, you should be able to drink. After all, you have a right to own a shotgun, but not the liberty to have a fine scotch. That is complete crap in my book.

  6. MADD, when it started, had a good cause, one that most if not all can agree with. Now, it’s decided to go to Crazytown and fight for issues that have little or anything to do with it’s original mission of reducing drunk driving.

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