Huck is leading the polls?

According to the latest polls in Iowa, Mike Huckabee (who I’m liking more and more) is leading the polls for Republicans.

Also in Iowa, Obamarama has displaced Hillary as the Democrat leader.

Before I continue, I’ll say this: Polls are almost meaningless, and primary polls even more so. That being said, I think that Huck’s strong showing in the Youtube debate had a lot to do with his rise and Romney’s fall. He really appealed to conservative voters with his answers.

I’m going to come out and say it – he has really impressed me lately, enough so that I’m not going to be voting for Fred in Indiana’s primary. Straight up – I’m voting for Mike Huckabee.


  1. Huckabee’s not all that great. He’ll be as big a spender as Bush is now.

    He claims to have lowered taxes (and he has on some), but the bottom line is he’s increased government spending in the state of Arkansas.

  2. And there ain’t no way on G-d’s green earth Americans are going to allow “President Huckabee”. Just ain’t gonna happen.

    Look, “President Thompson” sounds downright obvious, doesn’t it? Now… “President Huckabee”? That sounds like some bizarre new restaurant…

  3. Over the other two leading candidates, being Rudy and Mitt, yeah I have to agree with you. The two things that bug me is, 1) Huckabee’s tax record, 2) That the selection and quality of the candidates is somewhat thin.

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