What a suprise

Fanatics are calling for the execution of the teacher that allowed her students to name a teddy bear “Mohamed”.

So, first they arrest her, and now the local whackos are in the streets with torches and frankenstein rakes getting ready to murder this poor woman.

What the hell is wrong with these people?


  1. Any idiot who says that radical islamists are just like fundamentalist Christians needs to be slapped with a hamhock. Does the distinction get any clearer than this? Muslim extremists flip out and call for executions over the naming of a teddy bear. A. STUFFED. TOY.

    Christians roll their eyes at direct portrayals of Jesus and God on TV, and go watch something other than Family Guy or South Park. Or don’t, in some cases, since even we are sometimes capable of laughing at ourselves if the joke is funny enough.

  2. Fundamentalist Christians don’t have their religious laws enforced as the law of the land. Not for lack of trying, mind you. There’s not a lot to compare here until that is the case.

    I fervently hope such never is. I like breathing.

  3. Kalium, you might have a point, if the only examples of demonstrations, riots, or other attempts to enforce islamic religious laws were in Muslim countries. The problem is that there examples like Denmark, where Muslims rioted over cartoons, or The Netherlands, where Muslim fanatics murdered Theo Van Gogh after he released a film critical of the “Religion of Peace”.

    Now again, I ask, when was the last time Pat Robertson led an angry mob on a quest to lynch Gary Trudeau for a heretical Doonesbury cartoon?

  4. I think they should quit helping places like that until they pull themselves out of the Dark Ages and join the real world.

  5. Question: What the hell is wrong with these people?

    Answer: They’re Muslims. They are just following the rules of their death-cult religion. I’m surprised that anyone is surprised when Muslims do what Muslims do.

  6. Threatening to kill people over cartoons…

    Threatening to kill people over a name…

    Over 10,000 terrorist attacks since 9/11…

    Just remember, everyone – this is the “Religion of Peace”. Of course, I suppose it is rather peaceful once the primary tenet of “Submit or die,” has been fully executed…

  7. What is wrong with these folks, it is the culture for most part, the religion for second part. The middle east is the land time forgot, then their religion was hijacked by anti-colonialist, which then became preverted into what we have today. Those who preverted it, are not true muslimes, but are power hunger sociopathes, hell bent on ruling the world as they see it being. Sadly, most of the muslime world have bought into it and share their religious leaders ideals and goals. The only options I see to remedy this is, 1) reshape the muslim world, 2) convert them to Christianity, or 3) genocide. The last two are not realistic, and the first one will take centuries to accomplish.

  8. Michael –
    One point there; it was not taken over or hijacked by anti-colonialists: it was always this way.

  9. The Ottoman Empire seemed to keep a pretty good lid on most of this activity (or so I hear).

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