EU Tightens Gun Laws

What they have is a bona-fide registration requirement now.

Under the new guidelines, only adults over age 18 would be able to buy and keep guns, with the exception of firearms for hunting and supervised target shooting.

EU member states would be required to keep detailed computer files with data on each firearm – such as type, model, calibre, serial number and names and addresses of both the supplier and the buyer. The data would be kept for at least 20 years.

Now, before this becomes “law” and enforceable on the 27 member countries of the EU, it has to be approved by all 27 member countries.  I don’t suspect that’s going to be difficult, because it has apparently taken 18 months of negotiations to get this legislation, which is allegedly “the perfect compromise” for everyone.

I hate laws like this.  I don’t like things that tread on the sovereign right of a nation to have its own laws as it pleases, and I don’t like mandatory gun registration.  I also fail to see how anything in the new laws would actually prevent a school shooting, or any other crime for that matter.

There’s a line in the linked article that mentions that the EU’s new restrictions on gun ownership “bring it into line” with the UN’s policies on the ownership of firearms.  We’ve seen how well the UN’s gun laws work for people.  I guess Europe is just circling the drain.  I hope that some of the countries in the EU decide to get a wild hair on their ass and tell the EU to take their gun control and shove it.

But I don’t think that will happen.

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  1. These restrictions will do them awhole lot of good when the jihadi’s they have brought to their bosom start using Ak’s, RPG’s and IED’s.


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