Canada’s rising tide of crime

It appears that Canada is following in the footsteps of England when it comes to violent crime.

Police blame crime lifestyle in gun deaths

The difference that I see is that as for right now, the Canadian government and people are not (yet) blaming “guns” for the rising tide of crime, but they are rather looking for sociological and cultural issues for their problems with crime.  I hope that they do continue on that path, although I’m not optimistic.

Canada’s gun control system is not yet as bad as England, it is still possible, albeit difficult, to own handguns in Canada, and long guns are still relatively common.  My concern with Canada is that they are at a critical moment right now: their government is attempting to abolish their long gun registry but face an uphill battle to do so.  The people of the country acknowledge that their gun registry system is broken, and has become a giant black hole down which money just seems to disappear.

The fate of Canadian gun owners is still undecided – I’m cautiously optimistic for them.  I hope that they are able to see the failures of Britain’s gun control schemes and avoid falling into that trap.

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  1. This is simple cause and effect. You banning guns only allowed the cops and criminals to have them. Leaving the citizens powerless to both.

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