Winchester Cowboy Ammo

Had a squib load in a box of Wincherster .45 Colt Cowboy loads today.  Bullet lodged in the barrel of my new NEF Survivor .45 Colt rifle, and was quite the pain in the ass to dislodge.  The rifle is fine, no bulges or damage, but Winchester is about to get a snotty letter from me.

So, if you’ve got some Wincherster Cowboy Ammo in .45 Colt, watch yourself.  A squib load in a single shot rifle is pretty easy to detect, but might not be so easy in a wheelgun or lever-gun.


  1. Same problem, actually. You pull the trigger, and the round doesn’t make as loud a bang as normal. It’s easy to not notice the difference in sound and keep on firing. And with a single action, you can’t just swing out the cylinder to have a looksee if something “feels” wrong.

    I guess right now I should note that I’ve never had a squib load with Magtech Cowboy loads, and I only bought the Winchester stuff because they were out of Magtech.

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