Rudy on Parker/Heller

“I strongly believe that Judge Silberman’s decision deserves to be upheld by the Supreme Court. The Parker decision is an excellent example of a judge looking to find the meaning of the words in the Constitution, not what he would like them to mean,” Giuliani said.

You know, if he keeps this up, I might actually change my mind about voting for him.  I’m still voting for Fred in the primary, but if Rudy ends up as the candidate, comments like this might be able to sway me from voting libertarian.

I still get concerned though – it’s difficult for me to trust Rudy when I look at his past track record.


  1. It’s pretty confusing.

    Can’t ever tell if they said/did things because it’s what they believed in, or because that’s what it took to get elected.

    I mean, in NYC, you’d pretty much have to be a moonbat to get elected, ya think?

  2. Sorry, but given his past history, it would have to be a choice between him and a Democrat, and even then I might go the third-party route, even though I know it is pointless. Given his history, and given that people simply do not change, that man is demonstrating the most basic attribute of any politician – acting like a chameleon.

  3. Lets assume Rudi is telling the truth. Before 9/11, strict gun control. After 9/11, maybe not so much.

    My problem with him is he didn’t see the possibility of a 9/11 ever happening, or any other disaster an individual or community might have to respond to, with force.

    People that don’t want others to be armed until they themselves have been mugged haven’t thought about the issue seriously.

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