Never Surrender

A teenager from DeKalb County gets a Bravo Zulu for her courage – she stabbed a would be kidnapper with a pencil, which allowed her to make an escape.

The 14-year-old was on her way home from dance practice when a black van pulled up, and the men tried to grab her, Police said, dding that the girl got away when she stabbed one of the men in the arm with a pencil. The girl was not seriously hurt, police said.

The young lady remains unnamed by the press, but she deserves congratulations and praise.  She also stands out as a perfect example of why I advocate resistance in the face of violence.  You should never, ever let yourself be taken anywhere against your will; in those situations the odds for survival are really not in your favor.

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  1. Ahab, I have a similar post at The Shack…

    I was reading DTI instructor John Farnam’s quips blog and this little nugget caught my attention:

    “My observations confirmed what has been observed at the NTI and every other close-range, violent-encounter drill in which I’ve been involved. Students invariably came to the identical conclusion:

    When confronted with imminent violence at close range, who (1) aggressively (but precisely) explode off the line of force, without delay, and continue to move aggressively, rarely get shot, and unfailingly inflict lethal wounds upon astonished VCAs. Who (2) move off the line but then stop moving, get shot more often. Who (3) hesitate, dither, or surrender meekly, seldom live through it.

    A precise, but explosive, counterattack, combined with unrelenting and aggressive movement upsets VCAs’ plans so completely that they rarely regain the offensive. Successful students don’t let VCA(s) breath. They finish the fight!

    There is little doubt that the longer you allow yourself to be under the control and domination of a VCA, the more likely you’ll suffer serious harm. There are surely risks involved in acting immediately and decisively, but there are even greater risks that attach to doing nothing. When they commence their attack, VCAs are always weakest and most vulnerable. After they gain control over you, they will become progressively stronger as you become progressively weaker. In the end, when you’re gagged and tied up, all options will evaporate. You’ll perish, wishing you had acted when you had the chance!”

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