Happy Birthday, Devil Dogs

Your beloved Corps is 232 years young.

Now, us Coasties like to pick squares with a lot of the branches of service: the Chair Force stole our uniforms, the Navy and Air Force are scared of a little weather; but rarely will I go around insulting the Marines.  One of your former commandants explained it better than I can:

Gen. Krulak on the Coast Guard: The Coast Guard and the Marines share something in common. When you need them, and you see them – you know everything is going to be all right.

Semper Fi, Leathernecks.  Here’s to another 232 years of kicking ass!


  1. The Air Force is afraid of a little weather?

    Mjr. David Ruvola
    Cpt. Graham Buschor
    SSgt. James Mioli
    TSgt. John Spillane
    TSgt. Alden Smith (R.I.P Oct 31st, 1991)

  2. I’m just saying, when you think “Holy shit, that weather is impossible to fly/navigate a boat in”, then next thing you’re going to see will be an orange and white helicopter/boat.

    It’s what we do, and no one is better at it.

    Like they say, “You have to go out – you don’t have to come back.”

  3. To all you Coasties…MSgt. Jim Mioli is no boyscout. Definitely not afraid of a little weather!!! He’s one rough & tough Air Guardsman!! If you’re ever in trouble out on the deep blue…you want him to come after you. He takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’!! I outta know! lol ;p Perfect.

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