It’s baaaaaaaaaaack

My 10/22 PDW project is back on track, after months of hiatus because my gun ADD was forcing me to buy .45 ACP revolvers left and right (Note: this is not a bad thing).

So…I still haven’t decided if I’m going to make it a .17 HM2, or a special build for the 60 grain Aguila SniperSubSonic rounds.  If I do the Aguila build, I can get a barrel that’s threaded for a suppressor, giving the rifle even more of a Tommy Tacticool look.

Decisions, decisions.  So, .17 HM2 or Aguila SniperSubSonic?


  1. Well, the .22 version would have cheaper ammo. That means more practice time for less money.

    Were there only a way to easily switch between the two calibers…

  2. I was never able to get the SSS to feed in my 10/22. I’m in the same quandry…one rifle waiting to be converted to 17HM2 and the other one waiting for someone to solve the feeding problems of the SSS ammo.

  3. If you’re thinking of using the HornetProducts pistol stock, better pick it up quick. I’ve been intermittently lurking and lusting after their stock-and-barrel packages for about two years now, and their selection keeps getting smaller, with a distinct acceleration over the past few months….

  4. What magazine options does the .17 HM2 version have? Is it limited to Ruger’s factory magazines?

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