My survival guns

I have been thinking about which two guns I would take with me if I ever had to “go into the woods”. For me, the choice is pretty clear: a .22 rifle and a .357 Magnum revolver with a four inch barrel.

Since I don’t have one yet, I can’t take an AR-7, but my Ruger 10/22 would work just fine.

For handguns, my 7 round Taurus Tracker would be my choice. The 357 round is powerful enough for most stuff, and if you have to scrounge for ammo, almost every gun shop, wal-mart, etc carries .38 or .357 rounds.

The .22 rifle is generally my choice for a bug out rifle – I’m a crack shot with it, ammo is light and plentiful. The Ruger itself is rugged, durable, and digests every .22LR round I can find.

That’s what I’d pack. says he’d take a 9mm AR and his Glock, what would you take?


  1. I’ve given this some thought in the past. And I’ve decided I’d take my Glock Model 23 (.40 S&W) and my Ruger Mini-14. I own an AR-15, but the Ruger is just such a damn rugged rifle, I don’t think I could go wrong with it.

    I have two extra barrels for my Glock, making it not only a .40, but also a .357 Sig and a 9mm. So it’s effectively 3 guns in one. All I have to do is swap out the bbl and -presto- new gun. Makes it easy to find ammo in 9mm mode.

    I know .223 is in short supply right now, but I have a boat-load of it ready to grab and go. And since in an emergency I wouldn’t be using my ammo for plinking but rather for survival, I bet I could make it last a looong time.

    If I had to bug out, I’m going to assume I get to take my wife and kids with me. In that case, I’m gonna fudge a bit and say I get two more choices for the wife to carry. In that case, I’d bring the rugged and reliable Ruger 10/22. It’s an easy weapon to learn on and it’s so easy to shoot, I bet my 4-year-old could master it in a couple of days. And then there’s ammo availability … even if it was possible for me to run out of the 22LR I have stashed, I bet it would be pretty easy to find more. And as for a handgun, I’d go with my S&W .357 with a 4″ bull bbl. My wife can handle it when there’s .38’s in the cylinder, and I could always pop magnums in it for serious duty.

    Anyway, those would be my picks. Thanks for the opportunity to post!

  2. Probably my 10-22 and my Redhawk 44 with a 5.5″ barrel. A gun that I would like to have is one that my uncle used to own; an over under with a 22 mag barrel and a 20gauge barrel. That would cover just about anything.

  3. I’d probably take the 1911A1since I don’t have a .357 and the old 1909 .45Colt is more of an heirloom and would be hard to repair if it broke. Wanting to travel light I might rifle-up with the old Model 90 in .22WRF since I have a case of ammo for it but I’d probabaly be out-voted by my wife since it’s her rifle. I’m not keen right now on the M1 carbine since I haven’t gotten it to run reliably, but if I could then it might do double duty since it’s a pistol round in a rifle body – just need a selection of softpoints for it.

  4. A hunting-capable air gun might be useful if there is a lack of powder and/or fixed ammo.

  5. The two I bring with me every time I venture a’swamp are GLOCK 23 or Ruger GP…depending upon the weather, and a 12 gauge that can be re-configured into many variants. Short barrel, folding stock, etc. Birdshot to Remington Buckhammers make it a versatile longarm.

  6. hmmm… for sure my marlin 39A…same reason as Ahab–plentiful ammo and crack shot. My second choice would be my 11-87…slugs,buckshot, and birdshot what more could you need?

  7. I like questions like this. I would take my SBR AR-15 and silenced ruger 10/22. Both are light and easy to carry. The AR is like a security blanket for me. Maybe not the best tool for this job…but it gives me warm fuzzies against 2 legged critters and I know the platform well. The 10/22 would be the main weapon for foraging. If I wanted to be practical i’d substitute a 4″ 686 for the AR.

  8. Hard Choices indeed.

    Kimber .45 on my hip; Benelli 12 Ga in my hands; the M1 Garand on a sling – that should get me through.

    “There ain’t many problems that a man can’t fix with 700 dollars and a thirty ought six.” – Jeff Cooper.

    Oh, the question was “Only two guns?”

    Then, I would have to bring a friend to make it two each. Kim’s choice on the the other gun.

  9. Tough choices here… I’m a little low on .357 ammo right now or my S&W686P would be on my hip. However… I’m flush with .45, so I’d grab either the SW1911 or the Para P12 – the SW is quicker to come back for a follow-up shot as it’s a full-size 1911, but the P12 gives my 12+1 of .45 ACP goodness.

    As for a rifle – guess it would depend on whether I thought I’d be hunting two legged or four legged game. For the former, the answer would be John Garand’s masterpiece, the M1. For the latter, my scope-sighted 10/22 Liberty Training Rifle. (details on the modifications are here: ) – a 10/22 with a GI sling, a Weaver V7 scope, extended mag release, modified bolt release and the trigger has been worked on as well.

    But… being a fan of mouse guns, I’d probably have either my S&W 637 (.38+P) or my Beretta 21A .22LR in my pants pocket, too. Sorry if that’s cheating, but that’s what I carry.

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