Election Day

Today is an Election Day in Indiana, so I encourage Hoosiers to get out and vote.  In my town, the voting was completely non-surprising, as all but one of the seats on the Town Council were Republicans running unopposed.  The one contested seat on the council consisted of the incumbent Republican running against a Democrat challenger.  From what I know of the race, I will absolutely keel over with shock if the incumbent doesn’t hold on to his seat.

The race that really interests me is one that I can’t actually vote in – that being the race for Mayor of Indianapolis.  While I don’t often talk local politics here, I have been strongly  critical of Bart Peterson’s administration, especially his ham-handed attempts to shove the blame for the property tax crisis onto the shoulders of others.

If you live in Marion County and haven’t yet voted, please go out and do so.  Remember who was responsible for your property tax increases – the current City/County administrators.  I strongly encourage you to send a message to the City/County government that you’re not going to let Bart and his cronies continue to screw you over in the name of a “a better city”.

I’m all for improving Indianapolis, but the plans that the current mayor has put into action place too much of the financial burden on the individual citizens of the City-County.

Those of us that live outside Marion County don’t have the luxury of complacency in this regard – as Marion County goes, so go the surrounding towns.  We have to keep a weather eye on Indianapolis politics, to ensure that our local administrations don’t get any “good ideas” from the Big City.

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  1. I’m so glad my voting district has moved. The last time it was at a school and guess what was RIGHT ABOVE the voting carousel? A ceiling security camera.
    When I pointed it out, the poll workers said “Oh my. I bet they probably have it turned off, though”.
    Took that one to the media, I did.

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