Kirst Konverter

I have a Kirst Konverter fitted to my ’58 Remington, and I love the thing. Mine is chambered for .45 Colt, and out of the 8 inch barrel on the Remington, recoil is a mild “thump”. It’s far more accurate than it has any business being, shooting into one ragged hole at 50 feet.

I did not know that they also made one in .45 ACP. You’ll have to scroll down a bit on the page to see it, but a .45 ACP single action Remington gives me some ideas for a bit of a custom gun.

Of course, it remains to be seen if my gun ADD can hold out long enough to actually purchase the parts for said custom rig.


  1. Yeah, but for the total cost of these conversions, couldn’t you just buy a different gun?

  2. Yeah, you could – but that’s not the point. If I wanted a .45 ACP single action revolver, I’d just buy a Blackhawk with the correct cylinder.

    For me, the point is making the thing with your own hands. For my first Kirst Konverted revolver, I didn’t do much. I wanted a revolver in the spirit of Pale Rider, so the only actual work I did was some filling to ensure a correct fit.

    With the next gun, I want to really make a new gun – take a .44 cap and ball revolver and turn into a short barreled .45 ACP Thunderfucker.

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